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Advanced Gas Monitoring Instruments ” Where Safety Matters “

Monicon was founded in 1988 and rapidly became established as a market leader in the fixed gas detection industry through cost effective and high quality Atex certified products used in many different applications.

Innovative design concepts in conjunction with stringent quality control systems are used to produce instruments which are recognised by many of today’s leading corporations.

Dedicated innovation and technology management, along with attentive notice of customer demands, drive Monicon’s R&D Departments commitment to produce superior gas detection solutions.

All instruments are manufactured in a state of the art facility using auomated control systems and the most modern and technologically advanced manufacturing and testing equipment.

Monicon does not operate through call centers, all enquiries are handled directly by engineering staff.

Short lead times, with most orders shipped within a week.

Monicon has developed a worldwide network of distributors trained to provide sales, support, installation and commissioning services to ensure the ultimate performance and reliability of your system.



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